Melanie is a visual artist focusing on photography. Art is her way of detangling thoughts and emotions. It is her living laboratory where she tests all her ideas in a playful way. She creates photo-based artworks in a wide range from lens-based images to cameraless work, from digital collages to manufactured cyanotypes; applying and exploring various approaches from Macro to Infrared, from Destruction to Abstraction.

A Photolucida 2022 critical mass finalst, her award-winning work is published and exhibited internationally. To name just a few: Winner at Pollux and Chromatic, Silver at Tokyo Foto Awards, awarded at IPA, Julia Margaret Cameron, Monochrome, ND, FAPA; selected for LensCulture and a wide range of Magazines like Float, Fraction, the Hand, Art Doc Photography Magazine, Pearl Press, Humana Obscura Magazine; exhibited at FotoNostrum | Barcelona, A. Smith Gallery | Texas as well as in Germany.

Melanie Schoeniger grew up in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, meadows and woods: Chiemgau, Bavaria, Germany.

She would regularly eplore the great outdoors, cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking or she would simply look for flowers on the way to forage a litte bouquet for her grandmother. Her grandmother was a professional knitter and together they created the artistic guides for the knitting company.

In her teenage years she took photography lessons at school and installed serendipitously gifted darkroom equipement at her Grandma’s house in a room, where her geranium perennials would stay during the cold season.

Following her passion for aesthetic and creativity she studied design in Munich and had a career as an art director on a global scale for a number of years living in Vienna.

Her affection for the natural world – that had almost led to studies in biology – grew even bigger traveling the world. Inspired by the abundant beauty of rainforests and coral reefs she aims to shine a light on the wonder of life. Needless to say that she created an indoor and outdoor jungle at her home where she utilizes all her homegrown plants for her art to contribute to a life-sustaining future.

Since she settled down to family life, she focuses on her art career. Currently she resides with her husband and our two boys south of Munich.