“ Nature is my muse, my inspiration, my object of contemplation. I can soak and indulge in its beauty, its diversity, its abundance, all the colors, forms, details, all that amazing fascinating opulence, the vibrancy of life itself. And the rays behind it, the essence of eternity. With my art, I try to catch a glimpse of it.“

Melanie Schoeniger
German artist, living near Munich

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„I want to touch & inspire. To share my joy & inspiration. I want to create moments of nowness & oneness. Where a feeling of connection and sublimity appears. Aestetic arrest.

In short, I tend to reach for transcendence – the highest need of Maslow – to nourish that spiritual place in your heart. And I believe deeply in the transformative power of art that touches the innermost of the beholder.

I hope that this experience of deep connection with nature, this awe & wonder, may cause in some cases the deep wish to protect nature and to preserve it for future generations.”

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