l a y e r s   o f   p e r c e p t i o n

This series is a tribute to my favorite author Joseph Campbell and his masks of god, reflecting about the veils of perception. Literally using a mask, I try to uncover the secrets behind all stardust. Or at least to evoke sublime beauty.
Plants serve as object of contemplation, as portals to eternity, as surface for reflection like in Indra’s net.

Inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the grain structure of historical photo technics I use vellum to observe the disassociativ behaviour of petals and leaves: Impressive shadows and haptic details complement each other simultanously within the composition, shape and silhoutte, details and blur, density and depth…

The titles are taken from asteroids’ names: they are literally stardust with view of earthrise, each one of them has a different perspective in terms of time and space, they all rotate around nd are illuminated by the sun – just like us.