Artist statement

I am a photographic artist on a quest for awe and wonder.

Art is my way of detangling my thoughts and emotions. It is my living laboratory where I test all my ideas in a playful way.

I create photo based artworks in a wide range from lens-based images to cameraless work, from digital collages to manufactured cyanotypes; applying and exploring various approaches from Macro to Infrared, from Destruction to Abstraction.

Through my work, I seek to capture the beauty and essence of nature and to uncover some secrets behind all stardust. I contemplate themes such as perception, interconnectedness, uniqueness, beingness; the human condition and our place in the scheme of things.

Aiming to contribute to a life-sustaining future I try to create my art as sustainable as possible. I create cyanotypes without any plastic involved, tone with plants and my reinfused morning coffee, I experiment with Agar Agar…

I totally agree with Glenn Gloud, when he states:
The purpose of art is the lifelong construction of a state of wonder.
I want to share joy and inspiration. And try to create moments of nowness and oneness. Aestetic arrest.

I believe deeply in the transformative power of art that touches the innermost of the beholder and reminds us of the infinity within us. I want to nourish that spiritual place inside the heart, evoking that deep connection with nature and the wish to protect and preserve it for future generations. I resonate deeply with Rachel Carson’s statement:
Wonder and humility do not exist side by side with a lust for destruction.