• The Handmagazine 2023 11 (duplicate)


    Peace and Comfort 01

    2024 | 03

    So happy to contribute to this wonderful post with my toned cyanotype on rice paper; waxed and silvered.

  • Lenscratch


    European Week

    2024 | March 4-8

    Sarah Knobel writes:
    Guest Editor and German photographer Melanie Schoeniger shares a week of European photographers whose work she finds inspiring. Melanie’s sensibility is translated through the work she shares; all the photographer’s work has a sense of mystery, interconnectedness and wonder.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024


I am so excited and honored, that „beyond the edge of darkness“ is part of this prestigous collection of art and creative inspiration.

All About Photography Magazine

COLORS 2023 | issue 35

So excited BEYOND THE EDGE OF DARKNESS is featured in this amazing magazine. In addition, I am incredibly honored to join its artist index.

Fresh Eyes Talent Book 2023

by GUP Magagzine

To Paradise is published within the B&W Section of this renown publication and there is a Group Exhibition at Haute Photography in Amsterdam as well!

  • The Handmagazine 2023 11

    Shots Magazine + the Hand Magazine

    2023 November

    So thrilled and honored to contribute simultanously to both of these wonderful magazines with an image that evolved from a playful weekend trying to catch glimpses of divine radiance beyond duality.

  • worldcyanotype day 2023

    World Cyanotype Day


    I chose this peony motif for this year’s theme INHERITANCE as a tribute to my beloved grandmother who handed down her love of flowers and plants to me.

  • elevtr for a smith

    A. Smith Gallery

    IMAGINED, curated by Susan Burnstine

    So happy this motif from my beyond the edge of darkness series has been chosen for the IMAGINED exhibiton at A.Smith Gallery, Texas. Furthermore it will also be part of the gallery fine art limited edition book the 27.

  • Lenscratch Interview on To Paradise 2023


    What a wonderful conversation!

    It was such a pleasure to talk to my amazing friend Sarah Knobel about my series To Paradise, my process, thoughts and influences as well as topics like interconnectedness for this inspiring photography platform, founded by legend Aline Smithson.

    >> Enjoy my interview here

  • JMC Awards 2023 news

    20th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

    Winner series + Honorable Mention

    So excited and honored to be chosen by Elizabeth Avedon and Ann Jaestrab in this prestigious award!

Art Doc Photography Magazine

Enigma of Life issue 03|2023

What a wonderful suprise my series TO PARADISE is featured in this amazing magazine.

ART DOC Photography Magazine

Online Exhibition: Enigma of Life

So pleased to be selected for this wonderfully curated exhibtion.

Discover online!
  • elevtr

    Elevatr Hospitality Magazine

    Cyanotype Illustration + Interview

    Such a wonderful collaboration with the crew of this exciting magazine. I am very honored to be part of it.

  • ANalog Forever Mag Online Exh elemental

    Analog Forever Magazine

    ELEMENTAL Online Group Exhibiton

    So proud to be selected for this amazing exhibition, beautifully curated by Donna Cosentino.

    Explore the exhibiton
  • Humana

    Humana Obscura Magazine

    Back Cover of Issue 06

    Happy to contribute again to this wonderfully curated and inspiring poetry + art magazine.

    Discover the magazine online
  • FLoat mag if it makes ayou

    Float Magazine

    If it makes you happy – Exhibiton

    So honored to be on display in this beautiful exhibition, wonderfully curated by Lanna Apisukh.

    Discover full exhibition!

  • Climate creatives Compendium

    Climate Creatives Challenge Compendium

    Shortlisted in Ecological Change

    So pleased to be published in this amazing Compendium with entries from around the world and a wonderful challenge: How can we communicate the impacts of climate change on a habitat and the benefits of mitigation adaption and resilience?

  • The Hand magazien 39

    The Hand Magazine

    Issue 39

    So happy to have artworks published again in highly inspiring The Hand Magazine, an Art Magazine based in the United States.

ART DOC Photography Magazine

Online Feature

So pleased my Octopus Garden Series is featured online and in their newsletter.

Discover online!

Silver at TIFA 2022

Tokyo Intl‘ Foto Awards

I am so delighted! Silver for my Layers of Perception Series, yeah! And in addition Honorable Mention for my Octopus Garden Series.

  • Lenscrath photo 22

    Favorite Photograph of 2022 Exhibiton

    I am in such great company in this highly inspiring Online Exhibition at Lenscratch.

  • Monochrome Awards

    Monochrome Awards 2022

    So pleased about two Honorable Mentions in this International Black and White Photography Contest; in Abstract and Fine Art!

  • Lensculture (duplicate)

    LensCulture 2023 Art Photography Awards


    This is such a incredible honor! And what a wonderful surprise.

CHROMATIC Awards 2022 – Winner Environmental

So pleased to receive Winner Environmental again. And 7 Honorable Mentions in addition: all my entries awarded in categories such as Fine Art, Conceptual, Nature and Photomanipulation.

  • Yeah! yeah! yeah!

    Photolucida Critical Mass 2022 finalist

    I am over the moon!
    So honored and excited to be among the finalist of this prestigious award.

  • BOTANICAL EXHIBIT (duplicate)


    A.Smith Gallery


    My image LAVISHNESS has been selected to be part of the group online exhibition BOTANICAL, curated by Wendi Schneider!

    2022 November-Dezember
  • A.Smith Gallery


    Y e a h !  My image KAONA 2 is not only part of the group online exhibition BOTANICAL, but has also been chosen for the Fine Art Limited Edition Exhibition Book: „BOTANICAL“ the 27

    2022 November-December
    BOTANICAL EXHIBIT (duplicate)
  • float magazine (duplicate)

    Float Magazine Instant Gratification Exhibition

    I am among the selected artists of this playful Polaroid Challenge, curated by Vann Powell.

    On display here

ART DOC Photography Magazine

So pleased to be selected again for this wonderful publication! Photography Magazine’s Alternative Process Exhibition

Discover online!

Pearl Press Magazine GRAYSCALE

My image on the cover!
I am so delighted. My art is published inside as well as on the cover of this beautiful Magazine.

Discover the magazine!

IPA 2022 International Photography Awards

FOUR OFFICIAL SELECTIONS and TWO HONORABLE MENTIONS in various categories such as Fine Art, Analog, Nature|Flowers and Smartphone. I am so delighted and grateful.

Solo Exhibition
2022, September – November


So honored my art is on display in this beautiful showroom in Starnberg. The Ephemeral Clematis looks wonderfully framed and installed. Have a closer look.

18th Pollux Awards

Two series awarded – again!
Thank you so much, Foto Nostrum Gallery.

Honorable Mentions for Layers of Perception and Octopus Garden.

ART DOC Photography Magazine

So delighted to have three images of my Octopus Garden Series within this amazing Photography Magazine’s Colors of Life Exhibition

Discover online!

Barcelona Foto Biennale 2022

What a wonderful experience to exhibit as part of Pollux and Julia Margaret Cameron Awards at Foto Nostrum!

ND Awards

So pleased that my Octopus Garden Series has received a Honorable Mention at the ND Awards in Nature | Macro

Humana Obscura  Magazine issue #04

My image on the cover!
I am so delighted and honored to be chosen as the cover artist of this alluring nature-focused literature and art magazine based in the United States.

Discover the magazine online!
  • THE HAND MAGAZINe (duplicate)


    My cyanotype SOCIETY is published within this incredibly cool magazine. So honoured!

Stop Ecocide International Calendar 2023

I am so delighted that my Octopus Garden Series fulfills its purpose and contributes to a life-sustaining future; transforming my grief into agency.

Learn more about Ecocide Law. Interested in the Calendar? All proceeds go to the support of the Ecocide Law Initiative



  • World Cyanotype Day 2022

    Theme: Enlighten

    I am totally in love with this amazing photographic and environmental friendly process. This tribute to Cyanotype is taking place every year in September and made possible by the wonderful crew from Alternative Photography.com

    Here’s my bleached Cyanotye PICABO showing sunrays dancing on the sea at beautiful Peloponnes.


Spectaculum Magazine

So honored to be asked for an interview about my octopus garden series!

Humana Obscura Magazine Issue #05

Find two of my images inside!
So happy to contribute to this wonderfully curated and inspiring poetry + art magazine again.

Discover the magazine online!

18th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

So glad to be selected among the best!

FAPA 2022 Fine Art Photography Awards

2 series awarded! I am so honoured and delighted.

17th Pollux Awards

So happy and grateful! Two of my series awarded.

  • Insights – Preset #17 POLLUX awards (duplicate)


    My image has been selected to be part of the group online exhibition PAIRS by LENSCRATCH on 2/22/22.

    PXM_exh Insights – Preset #3 (on display module on displaysite) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate)
  • PXM_exh Insights – Preset #3 (on display module on displaysite) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate) (duplicate)

    Where are we now


    Emergence is part of the group online exhibition WHERE ARE WE NOW? by LENSCRATCH, March 2022

Wonderful news

I am over the moon!

  • Art Seen


    My HIBISCUS artwork is published within the second issue of ART SEEN Magazine.

    Wonderful news

IPA International Photography Awards 2021

I am thrilled to bits about my 4 honorable mentions! So very grateful my art has been selected among more than 14,000 entries from 120 countries around the world.

  • Insights – Preset #17 (duplicate) (duplicate)

    Papaver viridis

    IPA 2021 Honorable Mention
    Fine Art – Collage

  • Digitalis

    Awarded in 2 categories!

    IPA 2021 Honorable Mention
    Fine Art – Collage &
    Special Effects“

    Discover this collection!
    Insights – Preset #17 (duplicate) (duplicate)
  • Insights – Preset #17 (duplicate) (duplicate)


    IPA 2021 Honorable Mention

    Smartphone Photography

    Enter the octopus's garden!

Meet the artist

Excited to have a wonderful interview at Landing contemporary art!

Learn more about my art and gain insight into my life and thoughts.

Explore full interview
  • M_exh Insights – Preset #3 (on display module on displaysite) (duplicate)

    Intrinsic Nature

    2021 JUNE – JULY

    My DIGITALIS artworks have been selected to be part of the exhibition „intrinsic nature“ at Gita Joshi’s the curators salon.

  • the secret garden

    2021 July – August

    My PAPAVER // 02 artworks have been on display within „the secret garden“ group exhibition beautifully realized by Kirstie Landing, Landing Contemporary Art.

    M_exh Insights – Preset #3 (on display module on displaysite) (duplicate)

Minimalist Photography Awards 2021

Honorable Mention | Conceptual Series

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