beyond the edge of darkness

This series reimagines the feeling of awe I experience when diving: and the vast mysterious sea is my stage.

These images utilize unique perspectives that highlight bioluminescence and surreal colors inspired by coral reefs and nudibranchs, and they envision how underwater species sense the world via ultraviolet and infrared sight.

As our oceans are in a vulnerable state, it is my hope that my focus on beauty and wonder will spark reflection about humanity’s role in our interconnected ecosystems.


Beyond the edge of darkness already is shortlisted for Belfast Photo Festival and longlisted for AESTHETICA Art Prize 2024! Furthermore it has been selected for All About Photography Magazine COLORS 2023 issue aswell as for A. Smith Gallery’s Exhibition IMAGINED and F-Stop Magazine’s issue on Color. It is also part of the Enigma of Life Exhibition by Art Doc Magazine and was awarded Honorable Mention at IPA 2023 in deeper perspective.