To Paradise

This series is about our longing for Paradise.
These edenic images are symbols for that state of mind, that feeling of being whole and connected, that we are striving for on our path of life, directed by our desires and aspirations.

My paradise is a dark forest, a place that instead of causing us fear, feels safe and intimate, prioritizing a sense of participation over observation. Its Haiku-like visual poetry is aiming to provide many more possibilities for viewers to read and interpret the images. What most touches their souls.

Paradise connotes “a walled garden of delight“. Joseph Campbell describes the garden of Eden as “a landscape of the soul within us“ –a place of non-duality and unity. With this work I seek to invite to this transcendent blissful mystical state.


I am overwhelmed by the resonance: To Paradise is already included in the Fresh Talent 2023 book, Series Winner (cell phone) at Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2023 and featured in Art Doc Magazine’s issue Enigma of life.  In addition, there is a wonderful interview on Lenscratch.

This is a first sequence, a glimpse I created, but there are way more images and I am working on turning this series into a photobook. So enjoy and stay tuned …