d i g i t a l i s

k a o n a –
the beauty within


In this digital collage series it’s about depth, focus and layers of perception. And the beauty that lies within the eye of the beholder. Cut & paste is used to create an experience that is more than the sum of its parts, trying to create possibilities to lift the veils of illusion. It is also a tribute to our ancestral artists, who paved our way. 

This foxglove (bot. digitalis) blossomed in my garden last summer. I watched its beauty changing over time. How it looks after the summer rain, when there is still a drop of water underneath a blossom. Can you spot it?


By the way:
I am so delighted that artworks from this collection have been awarded with the IPA international photography award 2021 (honorable mention in 2 categories: „Fine Art- Collage“ and „Special-Effects“).
And have been selected for the curators‘ salon exhibition „intrinsic nature“. Hooray!