e v o l v e

o c t o p u s    g a r d e n


I started this ongoing series based on my sorrow about the almost inevitable loss of the coral reefs. The notion of not being able to protect this amazingly rich underwater jungle with its abundant variety of different species nor to share that wonder of life with future generations breaks my heart. Losing this beauty hurts deeply.

Playing around with some flowers in an underwater setting, I realized how they turned into stunning creature-like beings. I started dreaming a new future where the reefs are still there, but in a supported and transformed way. Imagining that plants return back to water, that they evolve in this new environment and create and contribute to a new form of underwater life.


PS: IPA 2021 Honorable Mention

Delighted, that one photo within this collection already received an honorable mention at this year’s International Photography Awards. It is the clover/trifolium.